Step 01

Hold the razor in your left hand and the blade magazine in your right hand.

Step 02

Insert the key of the blade magazine in the slot designed on the right side of the razor.

Step 03

Pull the lever of the blade magazine to the extreme right, then push it to the left till the fresh blade is fully loaded into the razor.

Step 04

If you are replacing an existing blade, the old blade will push out from the other end. You can safely dispose of it using the empty slot provided in the blade magazine. If you are loading an empty razor, your razor is ready to be used after step 3

Step 05

Wet the shaving brush with warm water and shake of  any excess water. Apply shaving cream on the tip of the brush.

Lather the cream on your face using a circular motion with the brush. To make it a richer lather, add a bit of hot water to the brush. Not too much though as the shave cream will become too watery.

Step 06

Built with a unique two-arm design to provide a controlled hold of the razor body unlike most single arm safety razors. The pressure is equally distributed across the razor head, leading to a clean shave with the first pass.

The longer handle length provides a firmer grip making you confident as you maneuver the contours of your face and body.

Step 07

The razor has been designed to be as intuitive as possible when first starting with a safety razor. Simply place the face of the razor against your skin and star with short strokes of 1-3 cm in length.

Step 08

Similarly weighted to a multi-blade razor, the transition to using the X1 is smooth and leads to a comfortable experience from the very first shave. Apply pressure in the same way as you would with a multi-blade razor.

Step 09

Rather than long, sweeping strokes of the razor, begin with short strokes of 1-3 cm in length in the direction of the hair growth.


For more information on how to use your razor, please click on this link. FAQs