Injector Blades

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Injector Blades (20 blades)

The secret to a legendary shave with your X1 razor. These non-proprietary blades, proudly made in the USA, offer a shaving experience like no other. Get ready for a smooth and satisfying shave that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.


As smooth as spreading butter with a precision edge.

  • Double the Shave, Double the Fun - Blades are twice as thick as cartridge blades or DE blades. This means each blade provides twice as many shaves, giving you more bang for your buck.

  • Easy to Dispense - The blades come neatly contained in a dispenser, also known as a blade magazine. Loading them into your X1 razor is quick and hassle free, ensuring you spend less time fumbling and more time enjoying a smoothshave. Safety is a priority, and our dispenser keeps handling the blades a breeze.

  • Shave Like a Champ - Typical users achieve 7-11 shaves per blade. That's a lot of smooth faces or perfectly groomed beards. Experience the satisfaction of consistent and reliable performance, ensuring a clean shave every time.

  • Enhanced Comfort- The thickness of the HYPE Injector Blades provides increased durability and stability during your shave. Enjoy a blade that glides effortlessly, minimizing the risk of nicks and cuts.


  • What is an injector blade, and how does it differ from cartridge blades?

    An injector blade is a single-edge blade designed for use with injector-style razors like the HYPE X1 razor. Unlike cartridge blades, which typically have multiple blades, injector blades offer a uniqueshaving experience with their single-edge format. They provide precisecontrol and a close shave, making them a popular choice among shaving enthusiasts.

  • Are the blades proprietary?

    No. These blades have been in existence for over a 100 years and are designed to function with any injector style razor, like the Hype X1 razor.

  • Where can I purchase these blades?

    The Injector blades are available for purchase on our online store for your convenience but also easily available online on Amazon, Ebay etc and retail stores worldwide.

  • How do the costs of injector blades compare to cartridge blades?

    The Injector blades offer a cost-effective alternative compared to cartridge blades. With each blade costing just $0.60, and a dispenser containing 20 blades, you're getting long-lasting value without compromising on quality. When compared to the higher prices of cartridge blades, these Injector Blades provide a budget-friendly shaving solution.

"These blades are top-notch. I love the convenience of the dispenser,and the shave quality is exceptional. Highly recommended!" - Tom W.

double the thickness

double the comfort

Twice as thick, twice as smooth.

  • The Injector Blades are twice as thick as standard cartridge or DE blades, providing enhanced durability and no blade chatter.

  • Enjoy the luxury of a smooth shave as these blades effortlessly glideacross your skin, ensuring minimal irritation and razor burn.

  • With their precision edge, these blades bring you double the smoothness, allowing you to indulge in a truly satisfying shave.

quick & safe


Convenience and safety in every shave.

  • The blades come neatly contained in a dispenser, ensuring quick and hassle-free loading into your X1 razor.

  • Say goodbye to handling individual blades - the dispenser keeps them safe and secure until you're ready to experience their shaving prowess.

  • Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with easily accessing and disposing of your blades.



Shaving bliss on a budget.

  • Each Injector Blades dispenser is priced at just $12 and contains 20 blades, giving you unmatched value for your money.

  • The math adds up: with each blade costing only $0.60,  you're getting high quality performance without breaking the bank.

  • Long-lasting satisfaction: For a typical shaver achieving 7-11 shaves per blade, one dispenser provides up to 140-220 shaves. That's worth approximately 6 months of smooth, irritation-free shaves!

shave with


Unleash your shaving potential.

  • Indulge in the unmatched smoothness, convenience, and performance that these blades offer when paired with the X1 razor.

  • Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with easily accessing and disposing of your blades.

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Nice blades

I've used these blades in the past and have always been satisfied with them.

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