X1 super lather set

+ FREE 20 blades ($12 value)

6 months worth of shaves

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X1 Super Lather Set

A premium shave starts with a premium prep. Your skin needs to be prepared with the best tool to work hand-in-hand with the X1 razor for a butter knife ease shaving + FREE 6 months blade supply.

this set includes

  • The X1 Razor - Designed for optimal performance, the X1 razor shaves at thesurface of the skin and helps avoidrazor burns and ingrown hair. Fewer blades mean less friction and lessirritation. Designed to be intuitive, simple & efficient for asmooth shave every time. Includes Comfort Shave Setting.

  • 20 Non-Proprietary Blades  - A safe & easy to use injector blade magazine containing 20 blades ($12 value) worth 6 months of shaves.

  • Shave Brush - With soft synthetic fibers & solid aluminum design, this brush will exfoliate your skin and prep the hair before you start shaving. A perfect shave starts with the perfect prep.

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how to use

Step 1 - Hold the razor in your left hand and the blade magazine in your right hand.

Step 2 - Insert the key of the blade magazine in the slot designed on the right side of the razor.

Step 3 - Pull the lever of the blade magazine to the extreme right, then push it to the left till the fresh blade is fully loaded into the razor.

Step 4 - If your are replacing an existing blade, the old blade will push out from the other end. You can safely dispose of it using the empty slot provided in the blade magazine. If you are loading an empty razor, your razor is ready to be used after step 3

Step 5 - Design provides a better grip for a controlled hold of thee razor. Pressure is equally distributed across the razor head, leading to a clean shave with the first pass.

Step 6 - Place the face of the razor against your skin and start with short stroked of 1-3 cm in length.

Step 7 - Perfectly weighted for a seamless transition from a cartridge razor. Apply pressure in the same way as you would with a cartridge razor.

Step 8 - Rather than long, sweeping strokes of the razor, begin with short strokes of 1-3 cm in length in the direction of the hair growth.

enhance your shaves

Add these to enjoy your shaves even more!

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S & UC Settings
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Razor Stand
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Injector Blades (20 blades)

enhance your shaves

Add these to enjoy your shaves even more!

the perfect shave starts with

the perfect prep

x1 razor

Designed for optimal performance, the X1 razor shaves at the surface of the skin and helps avoid razor burns and ingrown hair. Fewer blades mean less friction and less irritation. Designed to be intuitive, simple & efficient for a smooth shave every time. Includes the Comfort Shave Setting.

features & benefits

premium finish

Anodized aluminum build


Proper blade angle built into the design

custom shave

To suit your skin & hair

quick switch

Switch settings with a simple push

better grip

Reduces nicks & cuts

easy maintenance

Keeps your razor clog-free


100% recyclable


For a beginner & pro shaver

unboxing & review


Non-proprietary injector blades that are twice as thick as a cartridge blade or a DE blade, which means each blade provides twice as many shaves. Contained in a dispenser (blade magazine) that is quick to load and safe to handle. Typical user can achieve 7-11 shaves per blade. Full set includes FREE 20 blades.

how to - video

shave brush

This ergonomically designed & CNC'd shave brush will complement your razor and your daily shaving routine. An perfect shave starts with thee perfect prep. See below to learn more.




  • Exfoliates your skin - the soft synthetic fibers will help exfoliate your skin and prep your hair for a smoother shave.

  • Ergonomic design - helps provide a comfortable grip that effectively  allow the brush knots to supply the moisture needed for an amazing lather.

  • Incredible lather - the bristles whip up an amazing lather & froth that sets up for a smooth shaving glide with your razor.



What blades does it use?

The X1 single edge razor uses non-proprietary injector blades that have been in existence for over a 100 years.

These blades are sharper and twice as thicker compared to DE blades and offer 7-11 shaves per blade.

Where can I get replacement blades?


The injector blades are available on our website or from several ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and offline stores such as Walmart, Walgreen etc.

The blades are significantly cheaper than multi-blade cartridge systems and cost $0.6 per blade to replace. This is one fifth of the cost of a typical cartridge blade and results in significant savings over a period of time.

Blade magazines offered on our website and are made in the US. 

Each blade magazine contains 20 blades and offers 6 months worth of shaves. A typical daily shaver will spend less than $25 a year on injector blades.

What is an injector blade?


These blades have been in existence since 1925 originally invented by Schick and have grown in popularity over the years. These blades are generally packed in a dispenser known as a magazine with a key that is inserted into the razor.

The process is simple and safe and helps avoid direct handling of the blades, thereby minimizing the chances of cuts while handling the blade.

The blades are twice as thick as a multi-blade cartridge razor and double edge blades and thus offer double the number of shaves from every blade. The blades are sharp, super comfortable an offer an irritation-free when used with our razor. A typical user can expect up to 7-11 shaves per blade depending on skin and hair growth.

How long does delivery take?

We ship from our warehouse in Wisconsin, US. We ship to most countries except for a few due to various factors including logistical challenges faced by our courier partners.

Shipping time within the US

Standard shipping: 2-7 business days

Express Shipping (UPS): 2-business day shipping

Shipping time to the UK. EU, Australia, New Zealand & Canada

Standard shipping (USPS): 7-21 business days

Express Shipping (UPS): 3-7 business day shipping

Shipping time to Rest of the World

Standard shipping (USPS): 7-30 business days

Express Shipping (UPS): 3-10 business day shipping

Is there a warranty? 

The X1 single edge razor has been built with premium aerospace-grade aluminum. This is the same metal that is used in the aerospace industry and can withstand harsh conditions and still maintain its material properties. Therefore we are guaranteeing your razor for life against any material defects and workmanship.

NOTE The lifetime warranty is only applicable for fair usage and becomes void if you expose your razor to acids/harsh chemicals, cause voluntary harm, abuse or neglect, etc.

In order to initiate a claim under your warranty, please retain your original purchase invoice and reach out to us at hey@hyperazor.co.

What is your risk-free money back guarantee?

Every X1 razor comes with a 15-day risk-free trial.

We know you'll love this razor above anything you have tried so far, but in case you feel dissatisfied for any reason, we will take it back!

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