At HYPE Razor, we take pride in delivering top-notch grooming experiences. We believe that a great shave should always be within your reach. However, we'd like to address a temporary situation that has affected the availability of our complimentary 20-blade dispenser with every X1 Razor purchase.

A Temporary Supply Chain Constraint

Our injector blades, proudly made in the USA, have long been a cornerstone of our commitment to quality. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen supply chain constraints, we find ourselves temporarily unable to provide the customary complimentary 20 blades with each X1 Razor purchase. We understand the importance of ensuring you have the right tools for your grooming routine, and we're here to help you navigate this situation.

Here's What We're Doing About It

To make up for this temporary limitation, we're offering the X1 Razor at a substantial discount. We want you to continue enjoying the exceptional shaving experience our razor provides while we work diligently to replenish our blade stocks. You can take advantage of this special offer and learn more by visiting our X1 Razor Product Page or explore our Bundles for even more savings!

Rest assured, finding replacement blades for your X1 Razor is easy, whether you prefer to shop online or in-store:

Online Options:
  • Visit our website to purchase the blades subject to stock availability. Please note the purchase limit of one dispenser per customer until our stocks are replenished.

  • Amazon offers a wide selection of injector blades. Simply search for "injector blades" to find compatible options or click this link.

  • Walmart's online store also carries injector blades suitable for your X1 Razor. Search for "injector blades" to browse available choices or click this link.

  • Other Online Retailers

  • There are several independent online retailers stocking these blades. A simple Google search for "injector blades" will lead you to various options to choose from.

Offline Retailers:
  • Walmart

  • Walgreens

  • Target

  • CVS Pharmacy

  • Rite Aid

  • Local Apothecaries and Drugstores

These trusted retailers typically stock a variety of grooming supplies, including injector blades that are compatible with your X1 Razor.

We understand the importance of a sharp and comfortable shave, and we're committed to helping you maintain your grooming routine without disruption. Thank you for your understanding during this temporary supply chain challenge.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with premium grooming solutions.

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