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X1 Starter Set.

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X1 Duo Set.

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x1 razor

Designed for optimal performance, the X1 razor shaves at the surface of the skin and helps avoid razor burns and ingrown hair. Fewer blades mean less friction and less irritation. Designed to be intuitive, simple & efficient for a smooth shave every time. Includes the Comfort Shave Setting.

features & benefits

premium finish

Anodized aluminum build


Proper blade angle built into the design

custom shave

To suit your skin & hair

quick switch

Switch settings with a simple push

better grip

Anodized aluminum build

easy maintenance

Keeps your razor clog-free


Reduces nicks & cuts


For a beginner & pro shaver

unboxing & review

Sensitive & Ultra Close Shave Settings.

See all the available colors.

3 shave settings

Customize your shaving experience with the included Sensitive, Comfort and Ultra-Close Shave settings to suit your skin & hair in an easy & intuitive way.

learn more




  • Sensitive - Sensitive shave setting is the mild setting for sensitive skin

  • Comfort- Comfort shave setting for the everyday comfortable shave

  • Ultra Close - Ultra Close shave setting for the most aggressive and close shave

how to - video

Razor Stand.

See all the available colors.

razor stand

CNC machined from solid aluminum, this stand is made using the same high standards as our X1 razor. Designed to provide a balanced weight to hold your razor in a secure position away from moisture, providing additional care.




  • Get more shaves per blade - Provides added protection from moisture, extending the lifespan of the blade.

  • Faster to dry your razor- the elevation provided by the stand helps your X1 razor dry faster. Keeping it in the perfect condition before next use.

  • Keeps your razor secure - the heft provides a balanced support & keeps it secure between uses.

  • Style meets function - enhances the aesthetics of your razor.

Shave Brush.

See all the available colors.

shave brush

This ergonomically designed & CNC'd shave brush will complement your razor and your daily shaving routine. An perfect shave starts with the perfect prep. See below to learn more.




  • Exfoliates your skin - the soft synthetic fibers will help exfoliate your skin and prep your hair for a smoother shave.

  • Ergonomic design - helps provide a comfortable grip that effectively  allow the brush knots to supply the moisture needed for an amazing lather.

  • Incredible lather - the bristles whip up an amazing lather & froth that sets up for a smooth shaving glide with your razor.

Injector Blades.

Twice as  thick. Lasts twice as long.

20 Blades

Non-proprietary injector blades that are twice as thick as a cartridge blade or a DE blade, which means each blade provides twice as many shaves. Contained in a dispenser (blade magazine) that is quick to load and safe to handle. Typical user can achieve 7-11 shaves per blade. Full set includes FREE 40 blades.

how to - video

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